John Boccieri is Wrong on Abortion and the Health Care Bill

In a letter to constituents, Congressman John Boccieri states that the new federal health care law (which he voted for) “prohibits insurance companies from paying for abortions if they receive tax credits or federal dollars.” He also states that the health care law “requires individuals who require an abortion outside of the cases provided by the Hyde amendment to pay for it themselves.” To read a copy of the letter, CLICK HERE.

Mr. Boccieri, please CHECK YOUR “FACTS.”

In fact, the health care law specifically authorizes insurance companies to pay for elective abortions in plans supported by federal subsidies. Although the law requires an accounting gimmick in which covered individuals are required to send separate premiums which are used to pay abortionists, this gimmick overlooks the basic nature of these federal subsidies.
Boccieri also says the health care law “requires (that) health center funding adhere to the Hyde restrictions.” In fact, the health care law makes an appropriation of BILLIONS of dollars for Community Health Centers (CHCs) which is not subject to the Hyde Amendment restriction on funding elective abortions
Although the President proclaims to extend the Hyde amendment to this new funding, an executive order cannot trump Federal Law, only action by Congress can.

Not only is Boccieri’s explanation of the health care law’s provisions on abortion MISLEADING, but the law itself has a provision that deters the flow of accurate information about abortion coverage. That provision prohibits insurance companies from advertising which plans cover elective abortions and require separate payments to pay abortionists.

Imagine – an Act of Congress that not only promotes insurance coverage for elective abortion but has the gall to try to keep people in the dark about it.

Thanks to Congressman Boccieri and the others who voted for the federal health care bill, you don’t need to imagine it anymore – it really exists.

Mr. Boccieri, you are just plain wrong!


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