NEEDED: Pro-Life Medical Professionals!

Help us put a stop to abortion in Ohio!

If you are a doctor, nurse or medical professional we need your help!

The Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights have announced a ballot initiative that would change Ohio’s Constitution and legalize late-term abortions here in Ohio. We are looking for those in the medical community who are willing to lend their name to voice opposition to such an amendment.

If you have not already signed up to support this cause through another pro-life organization, please sign up with us here at Ohio Right to Life. Pro-life affiliates from around the state are collecting a growing number of signatures, but we want to make sure we do not miss you! Please, join us today by filling out this brief information, below. Before any more action is taken we will follow up with more information in the days and weeks to follow, but right now we need as many doctors and medical professionals as possible willing to stand for the dignity of the preborn! Sign your name today to say that Ohio’s Constitution should not include abortion!

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