Meet Nastasia: Our Summer Intern at Ohio Right to Life!

Hi friends!

My name is Nastasia and I’m one of the new interns at Ohio Right to Life! I am so incredibly excited to be working for such an amazing organization and to be part of the fight for the little ones. Just to give you a better idea of who I am, I attend Liberty University and will be a junior this fall (which blows my mind a bit) and I am majoring in Government: Politics and Policy.

I might seem sweet but girl can I debate. I also have two puppies that I am obsessed with (Warning: if I see your dog I will pet it. It’s not my choice its instinct.) Becoming a crazy dog lady is on my bucket list so you can gather a lot from that. I eat so much ice cream that I’m pretty sure I’m going to wake up as an ice cream cone one day and I’m okay with that idea. I also have a shirt that says “Pizza is life” and went around campus this year with everyone saying “Hey! It’s pizza girl!” I’m okay with that as well. I wear a lot of polka dots, a lot of pink, and a lot of mascara so I’m pretty much as girly as it gets.

1403492_10152493465774762_1492656191_o.jpg One of the reasons I am working with Ohio Right to Life is because I have a big dream for the  women of this country! My ultimate goal is to show each and every woman in America her worth  in God’s eyes. No matter what you’ve done, been through or believed, you have a purpose and if  you allow God to use you, He will astound you with how amazing your life can be!

 Women are known for putting ourselves down. Whether it’s our hair, teeth or the spare tire zone  right above our hips, we just can’t seem to respect ourselves the way we should. I suffer in this  area just as much as the next woman. It’s hard to love yourself when the world is telling you to  change. So why don’t we tell the world to change instead. Let’s make an effort to tell the world  that we love the way our bodies are built, we love the way our curly ‘fro dances in the wind, and  we love the gap in our teeth. It makes us unique, it makes us art.

 This vision, of course, includes the little ladies who are growing in the womb too, as I am 100%  pro-life. How are we supposed to have cute little pig tails without cute little girls to wear them? The  bottom line is this: Every child has worth, whether they are male, female, black, white, Hispanic,  Asian, special needs, you name it! God has a plan for each and every little life and it is our duty as humans to protect the lives of the innocent. Well that’s me in a nutshell! You’ll hear from me again  soon.

God bless!


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