Our Values, Our Vote

Election day is tomorrow. The future of our deeply held values and with them, the lives of millions of innocent unborn babies hang in the balance. However, a myriad of other issues are on the ballot this election as well and each of the presidential candidates has a dramatically different vision for our country’s future. With the election only a day away, how to vote as a person of faith may still seem unclear to some. 

Yesterday, the Toledo Blade published an op-ed by Bishop Thomas of the Diocese of Toledo which delves into voting and what should be the focus of those who desire to vote faithfully. In it, he includes a quote from Pope Francis which clearly defines what must be our nation’s political priorities:

“I take this opportunity to appeal to all politicians, regardless of their faith convictions, to treat the defense of the lives of those who are about to be born and enter into society as the cornerstone of the common good…Their killing in huge numbers, with the endorsement of States, is a serious problem that undermines the foundations of the construction of justice, compromising the proper solution of any other human and social issue.”

This is the crux of faithful voting. Without the right to life, no other human rights can be ensured. 

Before you cast your vote this election, I would encourage you if you have a moment to read Bishop Thomas’ full op-ed. You can also check out the Bishop’s video version of his op-ed here. 

As we head to the ballot box, we carry all of our values with us. But before anything else, we value defending the lives of the most vulnerable, the ones who have no voice. Abortion is the greatest human rights issue of our time. As people who believe in protecting every innocent person all of whom are made in the holy image of God, we must see it ended. That is why we vote pro-life first. 

For Life,

Mike Gonidakis 

President of Ohio Right to Life 



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