Pain-Capable Child is just a matter of “line items” for Planned Parenthood

Not only have we seen countless pro-life organizations unite together following the release of the Planned Parenthood videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress, but we have watched Americans from either ends of the political and social spectrums react with disgust to the rhetoric and actions of Planned Parenthood higher-ups.

The language spoken by these Planned Parenthood officials is unsettling.  But beyond this, the American people are realizing that this language has remained unchanged from the start; we are now finally seeing the logical and physical evidence of the long-term effects of dehumanizing rhetoric.

Before the first barbaric video footage was released, the aftermath of an abortion—the discarding of those unwanted ‘clumps of cells’—could be easily cleaned up with medical jargon.  Language has always held within it the potential to dehumanize.  It is dehumanizing language which allowed for slavery, mass sterilizations, and Nazi Germany.

Vulnerable women who find themselves contemplating abortion in a Planned Parenthood clinic can’t very well discern when their child has a heartbeat, much less when an abortionist is actively manipulating an invasive surgery in order to get her to birth her child in the breach position to “present” an intact calverium to maximize profit.

After witnessing the logical reality of Planned Parenthood’s organ procurement and sales, we should applaud federal and state level Planned Parenthood investigations and the public outcry to defund this corrupt organization should continue. 

In light of the obvious corruption of Planned Parenthood, we also cannot allow our state officials to forget the urgency in passing the commonsense Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  This act aims to protect the lives of unborn children after 5 months.  It is important to remember that it is this age group that falls into the category of “large cases” that Planned Parenthood is directly profiting from. 

According to the investigative report in CMP’s September 1 video: “Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest in San Diego, CA […] does abortions up to 24 weeks.”

In one of these more recent videos, there was a child delivered after an abortion who still had a heartbeat when his tiny body was sliced right up the middle for the sake of procuring his intact brain tissue.

Even though these dissections are performed on fetuses at various levels of gestation, it is critical that we remember the threshold for pain that these unborn children have at 20 weeks.  These painful abortions are regularly performed with:

1)      A willingness to alter the abortion procedure

Planned Parenthood’s Executive Medical Director described the process of altering an abortion procedure that not only goes against the information on the “Client Information for Informed Consent,” but breaches federal law.

2)      A callous disregard for human life

Planned Parenthood has an economic interest in the body parts of pain capable aborted children.  The unborn child’s organs are just “line items” to the abortionist and technicians who prepare them for transfer.

3)      A desire to fulfill quotas and “present” as many large “cases” as they can

This desire blurs the lines between legal abortions and the federally banned partial birth abortions and illegal sale of fetal tissue.

The humanity of these aborted children is shown to Americans who may otherwise have never questioned Planned Parenthood’s motives. Seeing the small fingers and human likeness in the faces and bodies of these unborn children is enough to stop anyone from drinking their morning coffee while watching one of these videos, much less haggle for a Lambourghini in exchange for fetal parts over a dinner of salad and wine.

Editor’s Note: Veronica Lark is a senior at Lourdes University in Sylvania and a blogger for Ohio Right to Life.


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