Register to Work the Polls! ✅

With only 34 days until an election that will change the course of our country’s history, you may be wondering what you can do to help during this unprecedented time.

We have great news for you! 

Signing up to be a poll worker is an easy way to get involved and support your community during Election Day! Free and fair elections are vital to the health of our country and as a poll worker you can help make that happen! 

Signing up to work the polls on election day is easy and only takes a few minutes. 

To sign up to be a poll worker, click here.

To see if your county needs poll workers, click here.

Poll workers are desperately needed and your help ensures that people who may not be able to help this November due to age or health can take a break. In times like these, even helping out in a small way can make a big difference. 

Ohioans deserve a free and fair election this year and you can help make it happen. 

Will you sign up to be a poll worker today? 

For Life,

The Team at Ohio Right to Life 



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