Pregnancy Center Funding, Important Toledo City Council Update

Let Your Legislator Know You Support Life-Affirming Pregnancy Centers

A few weeks ago, we informed you that the Senate added $5 million dollars into the Ohio biennial operating budget for Ohio’s pregnancy help centers. This is a huge increase from the $1 million that has been allocated in the budget over the last several years! Unsurprisingly, pro-abortion organizations have attacked the reputation of pregnancy centers and tried to remove this funding. Thankfully, our Ohio senators believe in the potential of our pregnancy centers and their clients and maintained the funding in the budget bill they voted on yesterday.  

The bill still needs to be finalized through conference committee though. This is where you come in: it’s possible that while the Ohio House and Senate debate policy and funding, this important program could be overlooked and the funding could even be reduced. Can you reach out to your legislator today and ask that they maintain the $5 million dollars for the Ohio Parenting and Pregnancy Program?

Here is some sample language you can use in a phone call or email:

I’m contacting you today to maintain the $5 million in funding for the Ohio Parenting and Pregnancy Support Program in the state budget. There is no better way to empower local organizations to reach more women and work to promote healthy birth outcomes than to continue to fund this program. Pregnancy help centers, with few exceptions, are completely donor-funded. With increased funding from the state made available to them, they will be able to increase their capacity to serve even more women and their families, the impact of which can be measured in the number of lives saved!

To figure out who your legislators are, click here.

SBA List and ORTL team up to have a National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus Luncheon

Susan B. Anthony List runs a National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus, connecting and equiping pro-life women legislators to advocate for pro-life policies and legislation in their state. We teamed up with SBA List to host a Pro-Life Women’s Caucus Luncheon earlier this week and it was a huge success! We were privileged to have Second Lady Tina Husted with us. Pro-life women legislators gathered together and heard Mrs. Husted share the story of her husband Lt. Governor Jon Husted’s birth and adoption and how the pro-life issue is so important to their family. We are thankful for their service in the legislature and their compassionate voices for pro-life legislation on behalf of their constituents!


Toledo City Council will vote on resolution to condemn the passage of Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill

This is an update from our affiliate, Greater Toledo Right to Life and president Ed Sitter. For more information, contact Ed here. Please attend if you can!

On June 25 at 4pm   – at One Government Center, Council Member Nick Komives is planning to propose a resolution that would state Toledo’s opposition to the live-saving Heartbeat Bill and other laws like it.  Please wear blue and show up to make it clear that Toledo does NOT support this proposed resolution and DOES want the Heartbeat Bill to stand in protection of preborn babies with a detectable heartbeat.

Let your city council members know where you stand on this issue.  TELL THEM TO VOTE NO!

Toledo Resolution Opposing and Condemning the life-saving Bill(Here

Toledo City Council Member Email Addresses:

Council President Matt Cherry: [email protected]

Council Member Peter Ujavagi: [email protected]

Council Member Tom Waniewski: [email protected]

Council Member Chris Delaney: [email protected]

Council Member Cecelia Adams: [email protected]

Council Member Gary Johnson: [email protected]

Council Member Rob Ludeman: [email protected]

Council Member Sandy Spang: [email protected]

Council Member Larry Sykes: [email protected]

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