Pro-life Highlights from the RNC in Cleveland

What a tremendous blessing for the state of Ohio to welcome a Life-centered party to our shoreline this week! From luncheons to concerts to media interviews, Ohio Right to Life was everywhere at the RNC! 

As we told you earlier this week, a pro-life presence in Cleveland is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference. With 40 percent of Ohio abortions taking place in Cleveland, the pro-life Republican Party ushered Life into the city.

So what exactly did Ohio Right to Life do in Cleveland this week? Here’s a quick round-up:

1. The Life of the Party

On Tuesday, Ohio Right to Life coordinated volunteer efforts at Phyllis Schlafly’s “Life of the Party” at the Browns FirstEnergy Stadium. We met the revered pro-life football legend Lou Holtz, and pro-life hero Phyllis Schlafly herself.

Ohio Lt. Governor Mary Taylor joined us at the luncheon. We enjoyed seeing pro-life friends from Cuyahoga County and beyond, especially our friends from Western Reserve Right to Life. 

The next day, our friends at Susan B. Anthony List held their pro-life luncheon with Family Research Council. Our intern Jamieson Weaver joined them to hear from a series of excellent pro-life speakers and activists from across the country.

This week’s pro-life celebrations really did show that the pro-life movement IS the Life of the Party!


2. Republican Party Adopts Most Pro-life Platform Ever

As the Democratic Party platform calls for taxpayer-funded abortions, the Republican Party has issued its most pro-life platform ever, a meaningful testament to the first human right, the right to life. The platform calls for an end to taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and a ban on the use of aborted babies’ body parts in research. The platform’s strong language calls out the Democratic Party’s extremism on abortion, to include eugenic practices like sex-selection abortion and abortions based on disability.

GOP delegates, including Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis, adopted the platform on a voice vote on Monday!


3. Ohio’s Pro-life Leaders Shined

Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis took advantage of a myriad of opportunities to connect with Ohio’s many pro-life leaders at the convention!


The pro-life presence at the Republican National Convention should leave us all inspired and ready to vote pro-life this November, and to continue to stand strong for human life!


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