Senate panel approves Dismemberment Abortion Ban

Legislation could save nearly 3,000 babies from dismemberment


Tuesday, June 27, 2017     PHONE: 614-547-0099 ext. 304

COLUMBUS, Ohio–Today, the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Dismemberment Abortion Ban (S.B. 145), 7-2, sending the groundbreaking pro-life legislation to the Senate Floor. Dismemberment abortion, otherwise known as dilation and evacuation (D&E), is a procedure in which the abortionist first dilates the woman’s cervix and then uses steel instruments to dismember and extract the baby from the uterus. In 2015, the Ohio Department of Health reported nearly 3,000 D&E abortions in the state of Ohio.

“With today’s vote, Ohio is on track to outlawing a horrific practice that has no place in the 21st century and no place in a humane society,” said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life. “When thousands of human children are being ripped limb from limb, it is our state government’s duty to stand up and protect them. Ohio Right to Life applauds the Senate Judiciary Committee for defending the vulnerable from this truly barbaric procedure.”

The Dismemberment Abortion Ban is being heralded by Ohio Right to Life as the next step in the national strategy to end abortion. This bill could soon become the newest addition to the 18 pro-life laws Ohio Right to Life has seen enacted since 2011. Just this March, the organization’s Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act took effect, prohibiting abortions when babies can feel pain, or at 20 weeks post-fertilization. Last week, Ohio Right to Life, medical professionals, advocates, and Ohio Right to Life affiliates testified in favor of the legislation.

“Ten years ago, the Supreme Court swung open the door for this legislation when it rubber-stamped the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban,” said Gonidakis. “If partial-birth abortion is gruesome enough to outlaw, why not dismemberment abortion? The facts are clear: Across the country, abortionists themselves have testified to the brute force required to rip apart a living baby. If the state of Ohio has any conscience, we will put a stop to this horrific practice immediately.”

The Dismemberment Abortion Ban is sponsored by Senators Matt Huffman (R-Lima) and Steve Wilson (R-Maineville). Ohio Right to Life asks its members to send a letter of support to their state senators using its Legislative Action Center at Click here to take action now.

Founded in 1967, Ohio Right to Life, with more than 45 chapters and local affiliates, is Ohio’s oldest and largest grassroots pro-life organization. Recognized as the flagship of the pro-life movement in Ohio, ORTL works through legislation and education to promote and defend innocent human life from conception to natural death.



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