The March for Life is Just Around the Corner!

2019 March for Life is January 18, 2019!

The March for Life is coming up next week. We want to fill you in on all things March for Life!
If you’re planning on being in D.C. for the March for Life, consider stopping by one of the several congressional receptions. Ohio Right to Life is hosting an event with Sen. Rob Portman and Rep. Jim Jordan. For more information on this event, click here, or for information on the other congressional receptions, click here.
So, you can’t make the trek to D.C. for the March but still want to be involved? We have dozens of events listed on our website across Ohio. Click on the map below to find events near you!
Do you want to represent Ohio with pro-life pride? Then you’ll want to pick up one of our FREE Ohio March for Life signs. We only have 150 left, and it is first come, first serve! To get signs, click here.
No matter whether you’re in Ohio or D.C., take pictures of yourself and your group and send them to us! We want to repost your pictures with our Pro-Life Ohio signs. Also, tag us on social media!
With you for Life,
Jamieson Gordon
Director of Communications & Marketing
Ohio Right to Life


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