Meet our Keynote Speaker, Carissa Carroll!

Our team is excited to introduce you to Carissa Carroll, founder of Jack’s Basket and keynote speaker at our upcoming Legislative Day on April 12!

3-22-16_Carissa_Carroll_and_baby_Jack_-_final.jpgThree years ago this Friday, baby Jack Carroll entered the world in a whirlwind delivery. Carissa Carroll’s pregnancy had been relatively routine. But following an abrupt drop in her unborn baby’s heartbeat, Carissa was rushed to the hospital for an emergency Cesarean section. 

A nurse brought baby Jack to husband Chris while Carissa was tended to in the recovery room. “Are you aware of Trisomy 21?” she asked.

“I am not sure what you are saying?” he replied.

“Down syndrome,” the nurse said.

What would follow for the Carrolls would be a journey of profound growth in their faith. Their introduction to baby Jack had been confusing and discomforting. By the time of Jack’s first birthday in 2014, Carissa had reflected and prayed on their new life with Jack, and had come up with an idea: Jack’s Basket, a basket celebrating babies with Down syndrome.

On April 12, Ohio Right to Life invites you to come alongside Carissa Carroll and hear her story at Legislative Day 2016. As the Keynote Speaker at our Luncheon, Carissa will share her firsthand experience with a Down syndrome diagnosis, raising her sweet son Jack, and welcoming many other babies with Down syndrome into the world.

Save your place now at Legislative Day 2016 for your chance to hear Carissa’s inspirational story and advocate for the lives of children with Down syndrome! 

Here are the details:

WHEN: April 12, 2016 at 8:30am – 2:30pm
WHERE: Downtown Columbus Renaissance
TICKETS: $15.00

Admission to Legislative Day 2016 is just $15! Or, register two people for just $25! It includes breakfast, lunch, and real face-time with your legislators. Not to mention Carissa’s amazing story!

RSVP and tell us you’re coming at this link and join us in celebrating every child born with Down syndrome!


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